Saturday September 26

10:00 AM

Crisis Capitalism: Covid-19, climate change, and the new Great Depression

12:00 PM

Is the Communist Manifesto relevant for 2020?

Pandemics and capitalism

ACAB: Why we should abolish the police

2:30 PM

How can we turn rebellion into revolution?

Black Power in Australia with Gary Foley

Authoritarianism and the Far Right in the age of coronavirus

4:15 PM

Our lives are not for profit: Healthcare Workers Speak Out

Between reductionism and identity politics: Marxism, Class and Race Today

5:45 PM

Food and drinks in the UWA Tav

Sunday September 27

10:00 AM

Transphobia and capitalism: A Marxist analysis

The Fire Last Time: Eyewitness to the 1960s struggle in the USA

12:00 PM

101: Why capitalism needs oppression

The Spanish Flu and Class Struggle in Fremantle

The US Elections: A choice between two evils

2:30 PM

Debates in Marxism: Coercion, slavery, labour and the development of capitalism

All your questions answered: Socialist Q&A

The fight for abortion rights in the US

4:30 PM

Rebellion and revolution in the era of the pandemic